Now You Can Give Psychic Readings As A Gift To Your Wedding Guests

Salara from The Samarus Enclave - Photo by Morgan Roberts Photography

Salara from The Samarus Enclave - Photo by Morgan Roberts Photography

Unholy Matrimony was borne out of an idea that weddings, as they are traditionally known, do not cater to the needs of everyone. Not all ceremonies are religious. Not all brides want to walk down the aisle with their father to Pachabel’s Cannon in D. Not all grooms want to give a speech. Not all couples want to exchange rings. Not everyone wants to toe the traditional line, and why should you?

If you come across a traditional wedding element that does not hold meaning for you then drop it and find something that does.

We want to give you some new and unique ideas to fuel your creative fires while planning your wedding day, starting with this: PSYCHIC READINGS FOR YOUR GUESTS. So much cooler than sugar-coated almonds or some other meaningless favor/bomboniere that will likely get tossed in the bin.

At our launch party recently, we invited The Samarus Enclave to set up a sacred space in a discreet corner and we welcomed all our guests to speak with Salara, a gifted Psychic and Spiritual Guide. It was such a popular attraction that for most of the night, Salara had Darklings lined up to talk to her.

The response from our guests who spoke with her was of resounding positivity, with many of them left reeling from their emotional experience. The Samarus Enclave is now a preferred vendor for Unholy Matrimony and available to book for your own wedding or event.

Salara and her lovely man, Markus - Photo by Morgan Roberts Photography

Salara and her lovely man, Markus - Photo by Morgan Roberts Photography

I asked Salara to tell me more about herself and this is what she wrote…

Of All The Clarion Calls

Of all the calls from Spirit I have answered, none have been so sublime as that of The Teacher. Throughout decades I walked alongside a Shaman who taught me, challenged me and left me to my own devices, always with the same message … You are here to Teach!

Teach what, who, how, when, why?” I remember constantly asking him. His reply was always the same “Teach!”

When I would sit or stand usually, as we did a lot of walking, and ask “Why me?” his answer again was always the same “If not you, then who?”

My life as a child growing up in Eastern Victoria was an adventure of the highest order. Some difficult times at the hands of a strict mother and some glorious, momentous times in the company of my earthly father. When the Shaman appeared in my life, life got really interesting. I was attuned to the energies known as Reiki at a very young age and having mastered all symbols and keys by my teens, the call to heal began to stir, and I listened. When upon the arrival of a native gypsy Shuvhani, my lessons turned to tribal lore and aromancy and again the Shaman would tell me “Learn in order to Teach”.

There were long walks by lakes, quiet long nights atop mountains in quiet solitude meditating and busy days being a school kid in a small country town where being normal was everything, and nothing I ever did master too well.

I live in a state of perpetual grace and wonder at this amazing journey called Life, and the twists and turns we are all given, and feel loved, always loved.

Skipping forward some decades and I find myself still not mastering normal and feeling confident not to try too much these days. I have come to accept my “normality” for the greater part and keep to myself mostly. I am the Teacher now, my Shaman passed away a few of years back, my father before him by some seven years. I am the Healer Teacher and the mentor and the Psychic but most of all, I am me, loved by my beautiful man, our combined tribe of five magnificent adult children, together with their loves, and of course our grand babies. I have a select small group of people I call friends and a vast network of followers, clients, seekers and those curious enough to wander into my charmed life.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.28.42 pm.png

I know I am guided by a Being of Light who came to me first when I was a small wounded child crying for the mother she lost way too soon, and this Being has never left my side. I recently was blessed with the female presence of another Light Being who gently cajoles me into listening and channeling the words of Spirit in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve learnt to listen intently, write when the messages coming through are relevant to others, and I have completely accepted this “human experience”.

There have been many who have asked me over the years, “So when was your spiritual awakening?” and my answer has always been the same “I never had one!”. For me, I was born this way, and with my earthly father, the Shaman and the Shuvhani guiding, teaching and challenging me along the way, I finally had my “human awakening” in my mid-teens.

Yes, I can “see dead people”, although I prefer not to too much, only listening when my Seekers ask the good question. I can openly communicate with all manner of entities, beings and visitors. Passing on messages, unfiltered, for those who seek to know a deeper truth about their own “human experience”. I am comfortably anchored to the ancient energy within this blue planet that precedes Gaia by eons and tethered still to a distant star no longer pulsating in the vastness of the Cosmos.

I still speak in words that has my man asking for clarification and I know I am his greatest challenge, but I am also his greatest love, so that’s all okay really.

I spend my time speaking, guiding, listening and creating and I do all this happily with a grateful heart. I know what the Shaman meant about being the Teacher, for through my connection to Spirit and my abilities as a Psychic and an Oracle, I teach those who seek me to find their own path – their own good red road, and through opening myself up to those who seek, I have learned to walk my own good red road.

I live in a state of perpetual grace and wonder at this amazing journey called Life, and the twists and turns we are all given, and feel loved, always loved.

Be in Grace and Gratitude, and when you feel you are in need of a deeper connection, then connect, and let us talk, to each other, to your guides and the angelic realms, to Spirit, to my guides and the Light-Beings I work alongside and together we shall find your good red road.

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