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Bek and Hutch - An Australian Gothic Bush Wedding

When Beck and Hutch, a retail manager and a passionate drummer from Sydney, began planning for their wedding day, they didn’t anticipate turning their small, inner city apartment into a quasi-pet cemetery. But once they designed their black, grey and deep red-coloured invitations, complete with two skulls on old film textures, the first scientific illustration of an Australian elapid snake, and the date in Latin, they knew what aesthetic they were setting, and they were determined to see it echoed through every detail.

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Bianca and Clint's Moody, Luxe and Edgy AF Barbershop Wedding

“We didn’t want to be bound by tradition but we didn’t want to lose it either. We kept the traditions we liked and left out the ones that didn’t appeal to us. We got an Uber to the venue, I didn’t wear a garter or something blue, my bridesmaids held crystals rather than flowers, we had our doggo Crash there and our baby boy Bruce. We didn’t get married in a church but a barber shop.”

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Holy understatements, Batman! This wedding is an absolute marvel!

Let us introduce you to the new Mr and Mrs Moustachio, or as their friends call them, Paulie and Chrissie.

The coldest of the cool.

The strangest of the strange.

Chrissie and Paulie are fucking out there and we love them. They also managed to pull off one of the coolest weddings of all time and were kind enough to want to share it with us…

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Lucky In Love; A Black Friday Wedding

Adam and Anika married on Black Friday and wanted to make sure that their day was an accurate reflection of who they are, and to be mindful of not getting too caught up in unnecessary details. To them, the most important part of the day was the getting married part…

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If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a dark romantic surprise

It’s our favourite time of year - Halloween - and we here to boo-st your enjoyment, creep it real, and maybe even inspire you to propose to your ghoul friend. So, in honour of the most wonderful day ever we are gifting you the most wonderful surprise ever. So bow down, witches and trick or treat yo’self to this actual #squadghouls styled shoot.

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My name is Sarah Romig-Smith, and I had the best geek wedding that a bride could ever ask for.

I remember when my husband proposed to me, the evening before PAX 2015. He took me for a dinner at the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne – there, he got down on one knee and opened a heart-shaped box. He asked me to marry him. He asked me to be his Player 2, his couch co-op buddy, his badass warrior. Of course I said yes.

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Simple, Elegant and Unique Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Go Bang

We are always on the lookout for ways to inspire our readers, so when this dark and dreamy styled shoot hit our inbox we couldn’t wait to show you. The bouquet alone was enough to send us into a spin.

We asked Bree from Little White Couture, who orchestrated this visual feast for the eyes, to tell us how it all came about, and what inspired her. Here’s what she told us

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The DIY Halloween Wedding That Will Leave You Shook

If you ask Cam and Morgan what they wanted most from their wedding day they will tell you that more than anything else, they just wanted to throw a really rad Halloween party. They wanted it to be fun, relaxed, moody, dark, elegant, and for people to walk away from it saying, “Holy shit, that was the best wedding we have ever been to!” And by all accounts, that’s exactly what happened.

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Now You Can Give Psychic Readings As A Gift To Your Wedding Guests

Unholy Matrimony was borne out of an idea that weddings, as they are traditionally known, do not cater to the needs of everyone. Not all ceremonies are religious. Not all brides want to walk down the aisle with their father to Pachabel’s Cannon in D. Not all grooms want to give a speech. Not all couples want to exchange rings. Not everyone wants to toe the traditional line, and why should you?

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