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Holy understatements, Batman! This wedding is an absolute marvel!

Let us introduce you to the new Mr and Mrs Moustachio, or as their friends call them, Paulie and Chrissie.

The coldest of the cool.

The strangest of the strange.

Chrissie and Paulie are fucking out there and we love them. They also managed to pull off one of the coolest weddings of all time and were kind enough to want to share it with us…

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My name is Sarah Romig-Smith, and I had the best geek wedding that a bride could ever ask for.

I remember when my husband proposed to me, the evening before PAX 2015. He took me for a dinner at the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne – there, he got down on one knee and opened a heart-shaped box. He asked me to marry him. He asked me to be his Player 2, his couch co-op buddy, his badass warrior. Of course I said yes.

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