Bianca and Clint's Moody, Luxe and Edgy AF Barbershop Wedding


What’s that you say? A wedding in a barber shop? How? And perhaps more importantly, WHY?

Well, if you’re just hearing about Mobile Barber Shop Depot here for the first time then I am doing you a massive favour and you can thank me later because it is our absolute FAVOURITE venue in Queensland. Barber shop by day, and fully kitted out killer venue by night. The perfect contrast of dark industrial and vintage chíc, the Barber Shop Depot puts out some hardcore moody, romantic and edgy vintage vibes which is exactly why it was Bianca and Clint’s first and ONLY priority for their wedding.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, first, let me introduce you to the legendary couple whose wedding we excitedly bring you on this fine day.

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The story of Bianca and Clint started back in 2012 when they were both at Soundwave festival. They had briefly crossed paths a few times over the years and had a silent, mutual appreciation/hard-on for one another, but it wasn’t until this particular day that anything actually happened.

After some mosh pit grinding and the discovery of a mutual love affair with City & Color, Clint ended up asking Bianca out on a date where Bianca is said to have fallen absolutely head over heels in love. But she didn’t want to be totally obvious about it and scare him off. She didn’t want him thinking she was a psycho. So, the next time they saw each other, she took the subtle approach of baking him a batch of cupcakes covered in love heart sprinkles.

Must’ve been one hellova good cupcake because Clint reckons that from that day on, he knew he had it bad. Real bad.

Fast-forward to 2018 which sees them living happily on the Gold Coast with their son, Bruce and their dog, Crash. Bianca has since told me that she was secretly knocked up on her wedding day so stand-by for baby number two.

Here’s what their wedding day looked like:

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I heard the church bells from afar
But we found each other in the dark
And when the smoke does finally pass
We will rise above all the ash
— Dallas Green, City & Color
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When I asked Bianca and Clint what they most wanted to achieve from their wedding day, Bianca said, “Most important to us was the ceremony which we wanted to be intimate, reflecting Clint & I not just read out of a template book, then to have a relaxed casual vibe afterwards, not your traditional regimented formal wedding. We also wanted to ensure there was plenty of food and plenty of booze.”

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The beauty of this day was in the details and personal touches. At the beginning of the ceremony, Bianca requested a sage/smudging ritual. This was done by her sister, Angie, and best man, Josh, while these words were read:

“Smudging is a ritual alchemy, changing and shifting the air. It connects us to the spirit world, clears negative energy and creates an atmosphere of love.

Angie and Josh are using a smudge stick to bless Bianca and Clint, and call in the love and guidance of the ancestors.

The herbs you can smell burning are lemon tea tree, mugwort, sage, and lemon myrtle. Together with the powerful crystals they are wrapped with, they cleanse this space.”

The ceremony space was designed and styled by Xavier Nicolle, a Gold Coast Florist with a penchant for constructing some of the most artistic and unique floral creations we have ever seen. Her work has been touted as ground-breaking (mostly by us, lol, but also everyone) and it didn’t take Bianca and Clint long to decide they needed her in their lives (don’t we all?).

And she did not disappoint.

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I asked Bianca and Clint if tradition was important to them and this is what they said:

“We didn’t want to be bound by tradition but we didn’t want to lose it either. We kept the traditions we liked and left out the ones that didn’t appeal to us. We got an Uber to the venue, I didn’t wear a garter or something blue, my bridesmaids held crystals rather than flowers, we had our doggo Crash there and our baby boy Bruce. We didn’t get married in a church but a barber shop. I’m very close with my Daddy who walked me down the aisle and made me laugh the whole time – this was an important tradition to me. Our ceremony was custom made and personal, we had been to wedding before where the celebrant read out of a book or just gave off a fake vibe, Annie was so genuine and felt like a friend was talking to us, she was also humorous and added in a smudging ritual to clear the negative vibes. I bought Clint a sword to open the champagne bottles as a wedding present. It was not a seated affair but rather cocktail style with woodfired pizzas and plenty of them. We kept the tradition of speeches because some beautiful things are said that really touch your heart and surprise you, we also kept the first dance because its so romantic to be dancing with arms wrapped around one another.”

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Da girlz.

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They carried crystals instead of bouquets.

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Da boyz.

They carried hung-over teenage angst instead of maturity.

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Ok, maybe they are all just badass.

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Created and enforced by Joey and Nicoletta, venue owners/managers/all-round legends.

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Ok, let’s talk budget. This all looks very spectacular. How much did it cost?

“Weddings are so out of control at the moment and I feel like perhaps we have lost touch with what they actually are about, its so easy to get caught up in it all but it ends up being a competition who had the better wedding or doing things to make other people happy. This was a massive turn off for us and we wanted to keep it as cheap as possible without losing the quality touches that make it special. We didn’t want to do what everyone else does and we didn’t want to stick to tradition but we didn’t want to lose tradition either. We kept the guest list super simple with the family & friends we are most close with so in saying that I think we definitely achieved what we originally envisaged, although we didn’t set a budget per se in total for everything wedding related we spent $21K and considering we had some of the best in the business and how utterly spectacular our day was with a fully stocked bar and too much food, that’s a pretty darn good budget to me. I wouldn’t want to spend anymore than this though, we tried to keep it around 10-15K but couldn’t!”

Grandma framing up a shot and wearing the shit outta those shoes.

Grandma framing up a shot and wearing the shit outta those shoes.

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Bianca and Clint opened up the dance floor, lead by the Yams Band, who played Foo Fighter’s Everlong, and that’s pretty much when the party really started. I asked Bianca how they went about making their choices for music and she told me,

“To start we had a piano and sax duo who (One More Time) played old songs that I loved and grew up with which were also romantic, relaxed and elegant yet bad ass, think Billy Joel New York State of Mind vibes. Then later on we had The Yams band who tailored  jazz, blues and funk tunes to dance to, I first saw Ondre (such a sweetheart and total crush material) the singer years before and he was playing INXS never tear us apart and he literally stopped the room, he was mesmerising. Its actually his vintage Mercedes that we used in our photos. They opened with our first dance- Everlong by Foo Fighters and then finished with the most amazingly funk adapted groove version of my fave band- rage against the machine.”

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Clint says he would never change the way Bianca thinks or acts towards life. He describes her as a very strong and determined woman who is very good at obtaining what she wants, him included. He loves the way they share such an open and honest relationship and have known for a long time that they are simply right for each other. He loves Bianca because she is sexy, caring, thoughtful, determined, and sexy.

Bianca says she would never change Clint’s humour and silliness, his mirror face, and how thoughtful and kind he is. And even though he sprays his Rexona deodorant around in a way that invades her personal space, and often asks for a back massage right as she is about to fall asleep, she loves how he has the same passions as her. These basically include or revolve around eating, drinking, listening to music, and laughing a lot. She says that Clint only gets better with age so she reckons she is in for a real treat.

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Congrats, Bianca and Clint. And thanks for sharing your day with us.

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So bright, the flames burn in our hearts
That we found each other in the dark
— Dallas Green, City & Color
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Photographer: Wilde Visual (all images used here are courtesy of Jess - thanks, Jess)

Cake: The Cake Plate & Toppers were from Etsy

Florist: Xavier Nicolle

Venue: Mobile Barber Shop Depot

Celebrant: Annie Molenaar - Celebrant Lady Love

Stylist: Xavier Nicolle

Planning/On-the-day Coordination: Unholy Matrimony

BAR: Austream Affairs

Videographer: Roost

Dress: ‘Shaw’ by Dan Jones from the Unbridaled collection.

Suit: Bruno’s Suits

Hair: Emily at Orphic Hair Design

Makeup: Angela Walsh

Stationary: Ginger Fine Designs