Dark Dreams Don't Die


I placed a lot of pressure on myself in writing this piece. The unveiling of Unholy Matrimony has been a point of excited and nervous tension in my gut since I first started to talk about it and it moved from being an idea that brewed in the back corner of my mind, to being an actual vehicle that would transport me and others to where we are now: in the public eye.

In the beginning, I wasn’t nervous to tell people about the idea, but I was concerned they might try to change it. I felt that, especially in its infancy, it had to be well-guarded. Trusting other people to help birth a creative vision is anxiety-inducing, and had it not been for the ‘stop being a over-controlling dick’ talk I had with myself early on, the birthing may never have resulted.

You see, what I came realise is that this is a good idea BUT, it was never supposed to be for me. Change is inevitable because that’s how we evolve and that’s how we make good shit even better. With that in mind, I invited some of the most creatively talented and wonderful people I know to collaborate with me and help me build Unholy Matrimony into a platform that is accessible to everyone who needs it. A vehicle where no one is excluded, where their differences are embraced, and where their ideas are met with enthusiasm, not judgement.

I have worked in the white wedding world for a long time now and it is not my intention or desire to discredit the amazing work of the dedicated professionals in that field or the clients they represent – they all have my utmost respect. But based on my own experiences, that world, however beautiful to a majority, does not cater to everyone. There are communities of people who want to get married but whose tastes, interests, and values are largely underrepresented. They are the people we are here for.

I don’t assume to be the authority on what is or is not love. ‘The Dark Art of Love’ is an inclusive adage we created for everyone so that they can have the freedom to express themselves on their wedding day as they see fit. My belief is that we can create a better, more inclusive, diverse and beautiful wedding market, if only we can view it from different perspectives. 

Unholy Matrimony is the beginning of that - diversity and inclusion are in our DNA. 

Thank you for joining us.

Annie Molenaar - Editor